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Shanghai Deakli International Trade (Group) Co., Ltd.
——A new high-end international trading company
with a Sino-foreign joint venture.

Shanghai Deakli International Trade (Group) Co., Ltd., located in Shanghai Lingang Free Trade Zone, with offices in Taiwan, Shanghai and Jiangsu, is a new high-end cross-era international trade transit station for Sino-foreign joint ventures in the 21st century. The company specializes in making auto parts-piston rings at home and abroad, and has developed into a new type of international trade enterprise integrating research and development, production, sales and service.

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International Trade in the New era

Change the traditional sales model to do a new type of sales model which can be completed online as well and make the customers trust us without a face-to-face docking to follow the trend of the times.

Drawing design

We will arrange specialists to draw pictures, understand the needs of customers and eliminate the concerns of customers when we connect with customers each time, in order to make the stuff which is custom-made win the hearts of all.

A complete inventory of products

The product inventory covering the market allows the customer to get the answer he wants as long as he consults us. The high market share makes us more perfect.

A huge marketing network

We have a large e-commerce team from art to photography, it makes us be able to do what you think in its true sense, and can cover every corner of the world.

Efficient after-sales service

Our customer service staff are equipped with professional foreign language qualifications, so it is not a problem for us to communicate with customers. If the follow-up customers have any questions about the product it can be eliminated one by one with the patient answers of our customer service. 

Stable logistics transportation chain

We have our own logistics company and know every step about the product from the warehouse to go abroad, which can ensure that there will be no other problems in the transportation. Only the customers are at ease, can we feel relieved.



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“International Trade in the New era”Deakli Trade Group specializes in a new type of international trade,

Tailored for customers to improve the63%marketing conversion rate and brand image reputation.

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We have prepared your favorite coffee and comfortable environment for you. Please find us in the following ways

  • Yizheng City, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province
    North side of the intersection of Tianrui road and Tianda Road

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